The Sun & Gayatri Mantra

Alex Grey

The sun is a symbol of Source in many cultures. Whether viewed as the powerful sphere of light that brings warmth & nourishes life or a constant flow of Divine Energy, the Sun is magnificent.

In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes our basic personality, which from a simple point of view can help direct or hinder our life’s flow amongst other people & activities in our life. The Sun also represents the cyclic pattern that connects birth and death, gifting us with the unceasing movement of night and day & seasonal changes.

In Tantra, the power of the sun is so strong that when embodied, brings confidence, decisive action, strength and clarity.  Particular poses (asana) encourage the glow of the sun & feed the solar plexus with a fire that is invigorating and stimulating. Backbends (even mild ones such as cobra & locust), twists and sun salutations stoke this solar power. 

The Owl is said to contain so much light awareness of the Sun that it not only sees clearly in the darkness but is the protector of the night, piercing the dark with the clear sight of the Divine. Many midwives and spiritual healers connect to Owl Medicine as a totem, because the owl is a symbol of this gateway between birth & death, humanity & divinity. The owl can see through the veils to the light of truth…and so those with owl medicine can uncover secrets & the shadow side of people & situations they are working with.

In yoga philosophy there is a concept or action called Tapas (see previous post.) Tapas is the fire that removes that which prevents us from shining. It is the force of the sun, the fire that reveals our inner sun (our divine spark), which is also brilliant like fire. Tapas is the action of clearing away the layers that cover our unique expression of being Divine and perhaps (most likely) also clears away that which blocks us from connecting to the Divine.

What is Divine? ‘Divine’ is a limited word for such a vast concept. It is a complex source of love & light in a depth that often surpasses the human understanding. Divinity is pure awareness that embraces trust and truth in a non-dualistic, holistic manner. To feel the Divine inside and to be connected to Divinity releases fear. And fear is pretty much the underlying seed of everything that feels bad. The Buddhists call this suffering. The majority of people in America try to plow through this suffering by self medicating and by searching for connection with drugs. Psychedelics give glimpses and definitely open the neural pathways for a wider perspective into reality, but addiction to these drugs prevent the seeker from truly experiencing life as being divine.  A big scare hitting the streets & festivals are drugs such as Ketamine &  Crystal Meth. They are incredibly addictive, dangerous & destructive in the mental, physical & spiritual realms. Safer & more effective paths to the divine are mantra, asana & meditation.

The Gayatri Mantra, which appears in the Rg Veda (Rig Veda), one of the oldest scriptural texts known to man, is a meditation on this Divine Light. It was Ghandi’s favorite and has been shared by many different religious sects. The mantra, whether in short form or long form directs attention to the spheres or planes of existence that contain the earth, sky and Celestials. It honors Light in the form of the power that fuels the Sun and asks for our connection to that source, illuminating us to our own light, & illuminating our minds.

The Gayatri Mantra is fuel for the soul, spiritual armor for those who chant it regularly & healing to the physical and subtle bodies. If every shrink in America & substance abuse center would teach people to chant this mantra 108x (one full mala) daily..a fire of illumination would sweep over this country. There would be so much more happiness & peace (to say the least). So whether a teacher, a seeker, a yogi, a parent, a Christian, a Buddhist or matter. These sound vibrations are available & accessible to everyone, and will help to unlock hidden potentials that will shake up dated belief systems & poor habits. With fire comes transformation. As light shines on the darkness of the mind, whatever is lurking in the subconscious is lifted & the soul, with the power of the sun, shines brighter.