The Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference


I am so grateful for the beauty, the wisdom and the connection to the plants & women every year at this conference. In its 7th year now, the conference drew around 900 women. It is a yearly ritual for my daughter Saki and I, but this year I was able to offer the teachings of yoga & ayurveda that I have been studying and living for over a decade. I was thrilled to have a packed group of ladies in my 1st workshop! Almost 100 women, hungry for ‘Vital Essence & Blissful Power’! So many women shined and transformed as we explored the science (yes science) of these ancient practices to balance our minds and build our strengths. Ladies who could not fit inside still managed to participate outside of the beautiful gypsy tent, overlooking Lake Eden. What an amazing time….again I am thankful….to my teachers, my family and this opportunity to live life fully.

For all of the people who are interested in the healing mantra we chanted, I am currently recording a CD at the prestigious Echo Mountain Recording Studio. The CD will have 3 ancient mantras and their uses as well as meditations and yoga nidra (an invaluable tool for healing sleep & stress disorders & helps let go of trauma, grief & fear). Keep checking in & please spread the love! xoxo brooke