2011 Workshops with Brooke: Vital Essence Yoga & Herbs

October 14-16th 2011: Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference: Lake Eden,  NC

Vital Essence, Blissful Power:

As we navigate the path of the superwoman, we often find ourselves depleted.  Incorporate simple nourishing practices of breathing, chanting, and basic movement into everyday life. Build energy, understand prana (life-force), and infuse yourself with the strength to excel and thrive.


Finding Balance: Riding the Waves of Beauty and Bliss

With Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation & Asana (Forward Folds and Twists)

*This is an all levels class, some yoga experience preferred. It will be a filmed class (for my personal use, not public)*

November 19, 2011: Warren Wilson College, NC 

Vital Essence Yoga and Herbs: Introduction to Flower Essences

This workshop will cover the history, philosophy, preparation & uses of this amazing healing modality. Flower Essences are valued therapeutics for the mind, body and spirit. Extremely powerful, they can be used in conjunction with western medicine &/or herbs to shift chronic health issues of both the body and mind.

December 3, 2011: Mountain Yoga, Johnson City TN 1-4pm

Yoga & Herbs for the Vital Body: Balance in a Changing World

This workshop will explore flower essences, adaptagens and tonics, as well as particular yoga techniques for balancing the mind and bringing health and strength to our bodies. Private consultations will be held after class at $45 1/2 hour, $90 1 hour or more. Please contact: Jennifer Chisam at mountain_yoga@yahoo.com to register.

The Shanti School:12 1/2 Wall Street Asheville, NC 

January 2011: Immersion Studies Program:Transformational Healing Program (Yoga, Herbs, Energy Medicine)

In its 5th course, this beloved program is powerful and life changing.  Classes are held both in downtown Asheville as well as outside, in the sacred places of our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Classes incorporate an in depth study of:

1: Yoga as taught by the Himalayan Sages & Para Yoga: Yoga philosophy, asana, wise sequencing, the sanskrit name of poses & how to draw them, yoga therapeutics, the energetics of asana (how to use asana to balance the mind & body to find support in life), yoga and Ayurveda, creating a personal practice, meditation techniques, the science of mantra, pranayama, the koshas (or subtle sheaths), and yoga psychology.

2: Energy medicine: Usui Reiki levels 1-2, Tibetan Reiki, Polariy therapy, Craniosacral & Soul Focused Healing

3. Herbalism:  Identifying, harvesting, & preparation of plants (Asheville is a haven for medicinal plants), ex: herbal soups, tinctures, tonics, oils, flower essences, plant spirit medicine aka Subtle Earth, flower essence therapy

4. And Additionally: Non violent communication, the ethics of healing, starting a business, intake forms, group discounts ordering herbs and bottles, etc…

please contact Daisy Marquis at daisyconway@earthlink.net


The Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference


I am so grateful for the beauty, the wisdom and the connection to the plants & women every year at this conference. In its 7th year now, the conference drew around 900 women. It is a yearly ritual for my daughter Saki and I, but this year I was able to offer the teachings of yoga & ayurveda that I have been studying and living for over a decade. I was thrilled to have a packed group of ladies in my 1st workshop! Almost 100 women, hungry for ‘Vital Essence & Blissful Power’! So many women shined and transformed as we explored the science (yes science) of these ancient practices to balance our minds and build our strengths. Ladies who could not fit inside still managed to participate outside of the beautiful gypsy tent, overlooking Lake Eden. What an amazing time….again I am thankful….to my teachers, my family and this opportunity to live life fully.

For all of the people who are interested in the healing mantra we chanted, I am currently recording a CD at the prestigious Echo Mountain Recording Studio. The CD will have 3 ancient mantras and their uses as well as meditations and yoga nidra (an invaluable tool for healing sleep & stress disorders & helps let go of trauma, grief & fear). Keep checking in & please spread the love! xoxo brooke