Do grilled cheese sandwiches make you glow?

Yup.. some things in life are extremely comforting, nourishing, and relax us like nothing else. Grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream or other creamy delectables, movies on the couch with pillows, blankets & loved ones (cats and dogs are included here!), chocolate, wine, beer, sex…These are typical American allies to rest and renew, and ultimately feel good. However, although entirely scrumptious and perfectly healthy in moderation, the multiple whirlwinds of modern day living have pressed many of us into unwise overconsumption & craving those things that don’t always do us so well.

Angabangha is the definable term that describes this mind-blowing confusion of why we crave what is not good for us. Hmm.

So how do we untangle ourselves from the maddening confusion of our senses?? Balance and health is like a dirty word in this society…like a patch of nettles that people would rather avoid than understand. What is even more frustrating is that our own innate power has been stripped from us as well, taken out of tradition, culture, family and contexts and handed over to physicians and shrinks who put little (if any) emphasis on living in a balanced, nutritive and earth-friendly way.

It would be incredible if good healthcare education were offered in our schools, our media & our culture. If only it were a fad…cool and wanted by the majority. The pop culture of health & vitality….

Until then i guess we just have to unplug from the collective consciousness, grow some balls and flow against the mainstream. Do our own research and wise up.

Personally, I find that looking to the traditions that have been time tested is a good start. Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine…similar in concepts, applicable to modern living, and openminded enough, they offer incredible wisdom that can be bridged to, or integrated with other modern therapies.

In yogic scriptures, the advice is to hang out with someone of a higher vibration than who has seen the truth, like a sage. One way to do this is to find someone who is living in a way you admire. Not who has the best paying job or cutest wife, but who is solid in themselves & is living a life they love. It is easier to wallow in self pity than it is to change, so notice who you tend to hang out with. What is their health like, their life, their attitude? Rising to the occasion of eating better, cultivating a more positive attitude, and enjoying activities that support and nourish you will give you deep nourishment, the kind that makes you glow. And once you glow, you can be that solid one that is happy and helps others glow too.