23 Skidoo and Crew rocks the Orange Peel

Yesterday, March 19th 2011, the day of the powerful Supermoon, we had a blast at our show in Asheville, NC, at the Orange Peel. What a great way to begin spring, this Equinox weekend. It was a CD Release show for 23’s MONKEYWRENCH, an awesome album geared towards adults and teens.

MC Fireworks debuted the song “The Show Must Go On,” her first 16 bar verse written entirely by herself! Inspired by a sledding experience she had at a place called Dead Man’s Hill this past winter, Saki’s verse is about living life to the fullest. She says that even when trying something for the first time may seem really scary, if you just stick it out, in the end it can turn out to be better than imagined! Awesome. Thats how I felt the first time I taught a yoga class, and the first time I danced and sang on stage. We’ve got to work & get past our fears, to shine.