A Note to Nettles

Nettles My Friend,

How are you? I have missed you all summer…although I wouldn’t quite say I was lonely. Naww.  Melissa and Sweet Annie and I became real close. I met them in my neighborhood, just hanging out by my back fence.  They were a pretty wild bunch, and very cool to be with,  just not around so much now that school is back in.

Oh but I forgot! You probably don’t know that we moved back into town. That’s why I was so surprised to see you right here on Craggy Avenue.

Do you still hang out at the Dog Park? I’ve missed you!

Remember that time when I was walking Ashay to go pick some chickweed down by the river? It felt so good to just be outside, without a thousand layers on my body.  I still feel bad that I didn’t notice you. But man! You can be a bit bitchy when you want attention! I thought you were so tough and all, but now I know you better. Yeah, you are tough–but in a good way.

I just wanted to write you this note to say thank you for everything you have done for me and our family. You are the best kind of friend, helping me out in so many ways I can’t even count them! But I want you to know that our friendship has made me a really good mama and a happy wife. Remember that time when I was sick and just kept trying to ignore it? Hmmm… I thought it was some bad food I ate or something. But drinking your tea until I practically turned green stopped that sneaky bladder infection from going chronic. I even stopped craving coffee for weeks after drinking your brew! And who woulda thought that could happen?!

Hanging out with you always makes me feel so comfortable, like being with my Grandma sharing crazy life stories. Even Saki loves you dearly. Traveling around so much makes it a bit challenging to keep up with our friends, but she’s got a great memory and thinks of you a lot. To be real honest, I think your vitality has really rubbed off on her. She’s quite a firecracker!

Anyway, its so good to see that you are back this fall–and in my own neighborhood! Maybe you can come over soon and have a cup of tea with me? That would be fresh.

Love, B

Stinging Nettles: Queen of the Herbs

Nettles is so filled with vitamins and minerals, that it can easily be a life long ally for healthy living.  Drinking infusions throughout pregnancy can make your whole body strong and vital, brings health and luster to your hair, and replenishes depleted kidneys and adrenals. Nettles are diuretic, (make you pee) so try not too drink too much before you go to bed or you will have to make lots of midnight trips to the bathroom. They are a boost to the respiratory system (from allergies to influenza) & can help build & bring balance to the immune system from many chronic diseases. Study this plant if you need to work on boundaries. Nettles teaches how to say ‘no’ when confronted with too many responsibilities or dominant personalities. Just check out those stingers!

Nettles tastes good too. It is a known fact in the herbal world that medicine should taste absolutely fabulous.  Try it in lasagna (my favorite!), in stew (with adzuki beans and coconut milk!) or cook in the crock pot with black beans. When you cook it or infuse in water, the sting disappears. You can harvest some wild (first timers may wanna use gloves), throw fresh in a pillow case…then take a bath with it! Autumn nettles are ready for harvest now.


Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)                        Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua)


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