Honoring the Children

This past weekend my daughter and I experienced our first Kumari Puja.  In India, young girls are celebrated and honored as little vessels of the Divine feminine, or Goddesses, in these traditional ceremonies. Beautiful sanskrit prayers are chanted to the adorned children, while loving friends and family members offer gifts such as flowers, jewels and yummy foods.

Saki and her friends were perfect in their unique individuality, feeling the immense love in the room supporting & honoring them for who they are. They were funny and appreciative and filled with reverence. Since it was their first time, they were nervous before the ceremony, but once in it they just shined.

It is my hope that this ceremony has helped my daughter respect herself to the ‘ummph’ degree. Being 9 years old can be tough, especially with the world and the human race facing such challenging times right now. It is up to us as parents to find ways that support and nurture our children into becoming who they are meant to become. Oftentimes it means just sitting on our hands, like the granny midwives, and observing what unfolds. Sometimes it is taking their hands and guiding them through the rough patches. It is a special time however, when we can be a part of something (other than a birthday) that truly shows how much we respect them for who they are. Honoring the children in ceremony, no matter what religion or tradition suits you, is an awesome time for self discovery, transformation and sustained healing power. Om Shanti!


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