The Mind: Wise Elder vs. Grown Child

In yoga psychology, there is this idea of a higher mind (the wise elder so to speak) and the lower mind (who is kind of like a grown child.)  At any given moment, either one or the other is in charge, delegating where you focus your attention, directing you through the fuzz of life’s complexities and even defining how you perceive that ‘fuzz.’

These aspects of the mind kind of lead you on this journey of life. Each moment (as you know) is an opportunity for choice–either good or bad. Not being stuck in the past or daydreaming about the future, brings us to right now!..where the choices for our lives are made. No matter how busy, or how much you may  feel life sucks right now, you have every right to carve out a good living by making choices that support you. Even if you have a desk job that you hate, or are surrounded by a rowdy family that brings chaos like a hailstorm.. by seeing with the right part of the mind, this ‘elder,’ you can change things. By allowing the childlike ‘lower mind’  to guide us, we are often led to do the same things over and over again because it is so easy, so comfortable. This is just not cool. We are swimming in stagnant ponds of repetition and comfortability, creating a lot of inner ‘blah’ because life just isn’t what we want it to be.

The trick? Wake up the elder, that higher aspect of mind that is unafraid to jump into the deep end, to get on stage and tell jokes, or to practice and get good at playing an instrument, home alone, instead of bar hopping. The elder is not afraid to be a rebel, to mess up and have to start over. The wise elder of the highest aspect of your self (otherwise known as ‘witness consciousness’, or the ‘observer’) knows that we are all alike, just trying to live this dream with passion and flavor, unafraid to BE.

So let the elder lead you through the next decision you have to make. You just may be surprised, that instead of fuzzy chaos, or repetitive steps that lead nowhere, the path become clear and it is though an invisible hand leads you straight to the right people, the perfect opportunities and ultimately–contentment.

** The picture is of Gentian, which when taken as a flower essence helps to shift mental focus to make right choices, especially when times are difficult. **


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