The Shanti School

The Shanti School
is located in Asheville, NC, a beautiful town in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Known for our plant diversity, various healing modalities and great music, Asheville is truly a place to heal, transform and take life to a new level.

The Shanti School offers an innovative approach to healing. We have ongoing classes in yoga, energy medicine and herbology.  The philosophical fabric of our school is the ancient science of Tantra, which means ‘to weave.’ Ancient Tantric philosophy embraces right lifestyle choices, food as medicine, a dedication to self transformation and practice, and the study of various healing modalities that support health and vitality.  Our students learn to integrate the subtle depth of the internal world via meditation, yoga and breathwork, to the rich outer world of life and Nature in a way that supports soul evolution. Both ancient and modern techniques are taught in a systematic way that supports wise progression and deep integration.

18 Month Immersion Course: Courses begin each January and each August

**We have two groups in session at this time**



Class 1 am (9:30am-12:30pm) Introduction
pm (1:45pm- 4:45pm) Botanical Gardens

Class 2 am Intro to Medicine Making
pm Infused Oils and Flower Essences

Class 3 am Intro to Yoga Philosophy & Practice
pm Yoga Practice: Breath & Asana

Class 4 am Energy Anatomy & Sacred Space
pm Integrative Studies

Class 5 am Intro to Flower Essences
pm Making Flower Essences (Barnardsville)

Class 6 am Energy Anatomy & Base/Root Chakra
pm Ethics of Sacred Touch Practicum

Class 7 am Herbs for Kidneys/Urinary System
pm Integrative Studies

Class 8 am Intro to Ayurveda
pm Understanding the Doshas

Class 9 am Yoga Practice: Calming & Grounding (Langhana)
pm Foundations of Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Krama (The art and science of sequencing)

Class 10 am Aromatherapy
pm Aromatherapy

Class 11 am Yoga Practice: Building Vitality (Brahmana)
pm Vinyasa Krama continued

Class 12 am DIG ROOTS
pm Outdoor Meditation in Sacred WNC

Class 13 am Herbs for Reproductive Health
pm Yoga and Ayurveda for Reproductive Health/ Moon Salutations

Class 14 am Tantric Lunar Practice: All levels
pm Asana: Alignment & Adjustments

Class 15 am Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)
pm Hydrosols: Herbal Cocktails

Class 16 am Digestive Herbs
pm Integrative Studies

Class 17 am Practice: Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra) Twists and Core Strength
pm Asana: Alignment and Adjustments

Class 18 am Solar Plexus
pm Liver health (Herbal, nutritional, lifestyle)

Class 19 am Cleansing
pm Medicine Making

Class 20 am Practice: Mantra in Practice
pm Outdoors: Making Malas in Nature


Class 21 am Reiki 1
pm Integrative Studies

Class 22 am Practice: Asana/Pranayama/Mantra
pm Yoga Psychology

Class 23 am Reiki 1
pm Plant Spirit Medicine

Class 24 am Reiki 1
pm Tantric Meditation

Class 25 am Practice: Pranayama
pm Closing Ceremony/Devi Fire Ritual


Group meets
Tuesdays and every other Wednesday (days of the week change due to concurrent groups in session)
(9:30-4:45pm (with 1 hr. 15 min lunch break))

**This is a sample of Shanti School’s first trimester, which sets the foundation for the student to learn integrative techniques to balance their own mind/body/soul (“Healer heal thyself!”)**

The second trimester is a deepening of these studies, both in class and in our student clinic, where the students practice integration of these practical skills. Polarity therapy, Craniosacral, and Usui Reiki 2 will be added to the curriculum in the 2nd trimester, when the students are sufficiently prepared. Yoga philosophy, therapy, sequencing, safety and energetics will be taken to more advanced levels based on the skills and integration of the class.

The third trimester focuses on the student as teacher and practitioner, taking what they have learned into service for the community, while simultaneously advancing to higher levels of perception and self-realization. Advanced levels are taught depending on the integration and skill level of the class (such as advanced yoga practice, Reiki 3 and Tibetan Reiki). There will be a supervised, ongoing student clinic.


the sound ohm

Daisy Marquis and Brooke Sullivan, RYT, BA, (founders) study the ancient science of Tantra with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, Spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute (founded by Swami Rama.) Tantra is the underlying philosophy at the heart of Shanti School, a science that embraces all of the modalities & offers personal empowerment, concentration of prana, & service to the greater good. Brooke Sullivan is also a student of Para Yoga, which holds the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Swami Rama. Guest instructors are included..


Daisy Marquis:


Brooke Sullivan:

for more info & to set up an interview


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